The Facets of communimage

show different aspects of the whole image, based on the meta informations that each patch has. Another source for facets are statistical informations such as growing speed, country of origin, sex, favourite colour, patch sound. Facets are maps that show us the emotions, colours and sounds that each patch has been added by the authors. Facets can also viusalize digital mutations of communimage and the relationship between certain areas of the whole image, that are not visible at first glance.


Other important facets of communimage are printed versions of the whole image displaying communimage in real space. Though communimage is a true internet project, it has grown to a size that cannot be experienced on a screen any more. Printed versions of communimage are therefore showing a side of the project that would not be accessible otherwise. The actual size of communimage at this moment is:
162.9144m2 (14.916m x 10.9384m).

These facets have been realized so far:

July 1999: overview

Overview shows a scaled version of the whole communimage. A black square shows the region that is currently loaded.

January 2000: The Big Picture - a moment in time I & III

On January 1, 2000 00.00:00 communimage was saved to a disk. This data was used to make a print in the original size (535 cm x 330 cm). From January 25 - February 20, "communimage - a moment in time" was shown at Galerie allerArt in Bludenz, Austria.
On the same occasion, the poster was printed and sold:
communimage - a moment in time III

January 2000: communimage swings - a moment in time II

(30sec., 92KB)

You can download the full version of the song
in realspace.

Each patch in communimage has a sound that was given to it by the author of the patch. The row of these sounds reult in the melody of communimage. The upload time determines the rhythm, the other meta informations add values like atmosphere, articulation and instruments.
Swiss musician Ramon Orza created from this musical data the sound of communimage, that became part of the installation at Galerie allerArt.

July 1999: fullzoom

fullzoom shows the whole communimage in a new window (scale 1:16).

July 2000: The Little Big Picture - a moment in time IV

Following an invitation by Paolo Bianchi to the KUB in Bregenz, calc show spacePLACE.
Part of spacePLACE - a modeled landscape in nine parts - is communimage a moment in time IV (scale 1:9, printed July 7th 2000).

December 2001: activitymap

The activitymap shows regions of communimage and their upload activity:


   = less than 72 hours
   = 3 - 14 days
   = 15 - 31 days
   = 31 days - 6 months
   = 6 months - 1 year
   = 1 year - 2 years
   = older than 2 years

The activitymap helps you find regions with a high upload activity, where it is especially rewarding to put your own image.

December 2001: patch - info

patch - info displays the meta informations of each patch, that have been added by their authors. You can access patch - info by clicking on a single patch (scale 1:1).