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communimage is a collaborative art project since 1999.

Thousands of people have since then contributed to a growing sea of images. communimage is an attempt to entertain a visual global dialogue.

  • Statistic:05.09.2023, 12:33
  • Number of images:26747
  • Number of contributors:2337
  • Number of origin countries:93

Printing size: 165.8172 m2 (15.097 m x 10.984 m)

The visual interface of communimage is a grid system that defines exactly the position of each image (128x128 pixel), that has been uploaded Each image (or "patch") carries a certain amount of meta information (added by the creator of the image). This meta information will be used to visualize facets of communimage.

How to navigate communimageBy clicking on the map the exact position of communimage will be loaded.

With the image mover you can navigate in all directions.

With the zoom tool you can zoom in and out.

The map (upper right) will either show the overview or the activity (red: patch is younger than 24 hours, grey: patch is older than 365 days).

The newsletter keeps you posted about communimage exhibitions and other activities and news on the website. When somebody adds an image next to one of yours, you will also automatically receive an e-mail.

If you get lost, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions under "help".

communimage is a project of calc & Johannes Gees and is supported by the Swiss National Exhibition Expo.02.

The communimage historycommunimage was intended to be an internet project for Expo.02. Based on the idea of a virtual, collective "sculpture", calc developped the concept and the interface. communimage is also inspired by www.sito.org of Ed Stastny, an earlier collaborative art project. Contrary to sito, communimage centers around the creation of one big picture and it's met information facets; the authors of the single patches are not really visible.

communimage has been shown at many festivals and exhibitions since 1999. You will find a list of all realspace activities in the realspace.

Since spring 2001 communimage is no longer connected with expo.02.

This opens a variety of new possibilities for the project; communimage can grow endlessly. With the growing of communimage - both in time and space - it's own history is becoming one of the focuses of the project. communimage is writing it's own history, becomes more complex. Different visual styles, both defined by the authors as well as the time, coexist, even emerge from the project. In order the visualize the meta information factes that lie within communimage, the authors will develop new tools from time to time..... you will be surprised!

calc & Johannes Gees

communimage housing is sponsored by xwave gmbh
communimage server is sponsored by Tamedia AG

Concept, design and programming:calc - tOmi Scheiderbauer, Teresa Alonso, Luks Brunner, Malex Spiegel et Roger Lüchinger in collaboration with Johannes Gees & Gino Esposto.

communimage-Webmaster: tOmi Scheiderbauer

Feel free to send your comments to: snowmaster@communimage.ch

© 1999, 2000, 2001 by calc and Johannes Gees